Paradise Plants, Inc
Don't Get Caught With Your Plants Down!
​Interior Plant Leasing &Maintenance:

No money down for our interior plant service! Plants, delivery, and installation at NO CHARGE! A small monthly fee includes weekly service and guaranteed free replacements.

Interior Plant Service:

If you already have Miami plants, it is no problem. We will service your indoor office plants and provide free replacement.
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Indoor Plants in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

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Interior Plant Sales and Plant Rentals:

Choose from a wide variety of the best plants for the best price.

Guaranteed Maintenance

We guarantee to give you the best service for the best price. No other company beats our service or prices! Free replacements are provided when the plants appearance deteriorates of becomes unhealthy.

Orchid Arrangements:

Beautiful Orchid Arrangements delivered to your property with weekly maintenance and free replacements. Many colors to choose from.

Professional Service 

Applying professional methods, from trimming, cleaning, dusting, to the dress code for our technicians. We work hard to keep your plants looking their best always. Your plants are a representation of us and you!

Free Replacements

Our service includes replacing the plant free of charge when it becomes unhealthy or the appearance deteriorates.

Prompt Replacements

Our technicians provide replacements promptly. No need for you to even request it. They are automatically replaced when necessary.

Our maintenance service includes:

Facing the plant
Container Cleaning
Fertilizing when necessary

Services Provided:

Plant Leasing
Plant Maintenance
Plant Service
Plant Rentals
Plant Sales

Interior plant service in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami!!! 

Weekly Services:

  • Weekly watering - Our technician checks your plants on a weekly basis, determining the amount of water your plants need according to their environment or condition.

  • Trimming – Weekly your plants are trimmed and pruned. Bad leaves are removed and the browned parts are trimmed. Plants are trimmed as needed to keep their healthy appearance.

  • Dusting and Cleaning - All the plants are dusted and cleaned on a weekly basis.

  • Facing – Each plant has a face that shows the plant at its best. This is also done weekly.
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